Tips for Landing a Job After Moving to a New City

Whether you’re moving to be closer to family or to escape the weather, moving to a new city poses a plethora of challenges. Along with moving your stuff, you must figure out other essentials like finding housing and lining up a new job. If you haven’t been hired before your move, getting a job as soon as possible is probably top priority. Here are some tips for scoring a position fast:

1. Prepare in Advance

Before you move from one city to another, be prepared for this step. If you’re short on time, consider the benefits of hiring a moving company to handle the move itself. Though it might sound expensive, not having the time needed to job hunt might be pricier in the long run. Let movers deal with the moving logistics while you use the time to send out your resume. Use this website to shop competitive rates from long distance movers.

Also make a plan for getting to know the new city, establishing goals, and seeking application opportunities. Check the local map and search for free positions in your field.

2. Remote Worker

There is the possibility that you should quit your job to move to another city, especially when there’s hundreds of miles between the two locations. However, if you love your current job, think about the opportunity of keeping that job. Ask your employer if there is an option for working from home as a remote employee.

3. Plan Your Budget

It’s easy to underestimate moving costs, so be conservative when planning your moving budget. Unless you are certain that you will find a job immediately, it is always a good idea to plan at least three months without a paycheck. You may not realize it, but you can easily go broke. And as always: don’t spend money you don’t have.

4. LinkedIn Profile

First off, make sure that your LinkedIn profile is the best reflection of your up-to-date accomplishments. If you haven’t moved yet, set your LinkedIn location to the new city and not your current one. This way, if an employer from your new city does a zip-code search, you may turn up in the search results. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, just create one.

landing-a-job5. Get to Know The Locals

Become a member of local organizations and clubs, even research the local chamber of commerce, because networking is an important tool nowadays. These people tend to know open job places that are not even public. You could reach to them and ask for help in finding a job in your new town.

6. No Target Job, No Score!

Target several companies where you see yourself in the future. Start with writing a separate cover letter for every position you are applying to and set a plan. Use your LinkedIn profile to follow the targeted companies and to present yourself to them. Spread your net of contacts by getting in touch with some workers of the targeted companies. Some of them can give you an introduction, help and give you tips for the upper hand on the interviews.

7. Be the Best Version of You

When you have a job interview, do your homework. Start with reading about the job position and the company, try to find some information about their organizational structure and determine if there are some practices. Moreover, after your research about the place where you go, try to find common ground with the interviews. Bring to the minimum the chances to surprise you with some question.

8. Always Have a Plan B

If things are not going as well as expected, you need to find quickly other alternatives. This means that you should have built a network of people with whose help you could easily find a new job. Also, you can have your resume stored online, so it will be faster for you to apply for new jobs. Sometimes, you will just need to adjust and take what you can get.

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