Life After the Layoff: Stimulus@Work

PeninsulaWorks Customers

Meet our happy customers who tapped our training dollars and found a new in-demand career.

Meet Janif

Meet Laurie

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San Mateo County residents …

  • Have you been laid off?
  • Can't find a job in this market?
  • Tired of just making ends meet?

Our Stimulus@Work Employment & Training Resources & Events may just be the ticket you need.

Have you been laid off?

PeninsulaWorks is a place to go where everybody is focused on the same thing – the FUTURE AND EMPLOYMENT. Download our Life After the Layoff Resource Toolkit.

Stimulus@Work: Training Resource Fair

Our Training Resource Fair provided participants
with valuable information on how to access
funding for job training.

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Meet our Training Providers

Did you miss our event? Click on the presentation to the left for additional information.

SMC Works: Family Resource Event


Get information on how to qualify for assistance with:
• Eviction Prevention
• Utility Bills
• Rental Payments
• Mortgage Payments
• Move-in Costs
• Emergency Shelter
• Subsidized Employment
Don’t think you qualify?
Attend the event and let us help you find the right


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